Maintain window seals and increase service life

Maintaining the window seals ensures the constant insulation effect and tightness and extends the service life by three to four times. Maintenance includes constantly keeping the window seals clean and greasing the rubber or silicone surfaces at a specific time.

Fat in winter, powder in summer

Caring for window seals begins with keeping the surfaces dry over the long term. The less frequently and briefly the rubber seals or the silicone are wetted by condensation or rain water, the longer they will last. Therefore, an absorbent rag should always be close at hand near the window so that the window seals and window panes can be wiped dry as often as possible, especially during the heating season. This also reduces the possible formation of mold on the window seals.

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In order to support the elasticity of rubber, flexible plastics and silicone, liquid or film-like silicone can be applied to the surfaces. Grease pencils for the lips are also good home remedies. Greasing is recommended for maintenance, especially in the winter season. In summer, talcum powder is a suitable care product for window seals, as it binds moisture and prevents the material surfaces from sticking.

Maintain window seals in winter and summer

  • Silicone spray or
  • Silicone pen or
  • Talc or
  • Lipstick
  • Spray bottle (€ 12.99 at Amazon *)
  • Rag
  • Soft sponge

1. Keep clean

Make sure to keep the surfaces of the window seals and their attachment points clean. Dust and other dirt put a strain on the elasticity. Wipe the window seals at least once a week.

2. Wipe dry permanently

Especially in winter, you should wipe the window panes and seals with a dry cloth at least once a day. Better still, drying immediately after noticing moisture.

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3. Make winterproof

In autumn, well before the first frost, you should grease the cleaned and dry window seals or spray or brush them with silicone. Lipstick is also suitable as a home remedy. Repeat greasing once a month.

4th. Summer protection

At the beginning of the summer season in spring, talcum powder is a good care product that breaks the tendency of rubber or silicone to stick at higher temperatures. Renew the talcum application two to three times during the summer months.

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