Window glass should become opaque - what options are there?

In many cases - such as bathroom and toilet windows - outside views are not desired. However, daylight should still be able to enter. Read here what solutions there are for this problem and what special glass shapes there are.

Structured glass as an alternative

The simplest option is to use textured glass right from the start for the windows concerned.

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Structured glass is almost as translucent as conventional window glass, but it scatters the incident light through its structure, thus preventing outside views.

The degree of privacy protection is freely selectable, the respective structure should be optically matched to the interior of the room. Many structures are considered traditional, while others appear more modern again.

Other privacy glasses

In addition to the structured glass, other special glasses are also used:

  • Frosted glass
  • Cloudy glass
  • Satined glass
  • Ice flower glass

All glass variants are usually possible for all window shapes, even with different U-values. The prices are usually only slightly higher than conventional glazing, depending on the type of structure or the nature of the glass.

Mirror foils

Window films, which are supposed to avoid high levels of solar radiation and thus the room from heating up, are often mirrored. This mirroring also prevents a view from the outside into the interior of the room.

The view from the inside to the outside is usually given. This means that these window films are sometimes a better alternative than privacy glass. They usually cost around EUR 50 per m².

Window tattoos

You can also make windows opaque with easy-to-stick window tattoos. These easy-to-apply foils can be designed freely by yourself. The pattern and degree of light transmission and privacy protection are freely selectable.

Window tattoos also allow only part of the window to be made opaque (about the lower half). They are usually available inexpensively and can be ordered precisely and precisely after they have been designed in an online program.

Tips & Tricks In the case of commercial buildings, you must note that the workplace guidelines in many cases require a line of sight to the outside. The use of ornamental, structural or other glass that is completely opaque from the inside is therefore prohibited in these cases. Which window is concerned is in ASR 7/1 and in § 7 of the ArbStättV.