Retrofit window bolts and increase burglary protection

By retrofitting the window latch, levering out or chiseling out the window can be made considerably more difficult or even impossible. In the frame mechanics, simple roller cams can be replaced by mushroom cams. Depending on the type of window, the number of locking points can also be increased.

Types of bolts according to building hardware standards

The types of window latches are described in the DIN EN 12051 standard, which describes all levers, handles and sliding devices that can be used for windows and doors. Lockable elements such as lockable window handles do not count as window bolts.

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Seven different types of bars are defined:

  • Grendelriegel
  • Bolt with spring mechanism
  • Slide and edge latch
  • Padlock bolt
  • Lock bolt without lock
  • Secret bar
  • Mortise bolt

What all window bolts have in common is that they can only be reached from the inside of the window frame.

Standard window

Modern standard windows are equipped with a locking mechanism that allows retrofitting, for example, with mushroom cams. The window sashes must be removed for assembly. In addition to the bolts themselves, the striker fittings are also replaced.

Each mushroom head spigot moves several centimeters into the striker, creating a solid connection between the window sash and the window frame. If there is a locking point on each side of the frame, the protection class of the window increases from RC 1 to RC 2.

Force application and distribution

Externally attached bars usually have the function of distributing the energy when a force is acting. The better they are attached to the frame or the masonry, the more resistant the window becomes against attacks with crowbars, cow's feet or similar tools.

Depending on the type of window, the manufacturers of security systems offer many modifiable window security systems against burglary. A window can be retrofitted with almost all products.

Special side bolts protect the window when it is tilted open. In terms of their functionality, these bolts correspond to common door chains. They prevent or make it more difficult for the window sash to be pushed inwards.

Tips & Tricks The vast majority of burglars are deterred by resistance that can withstand more than three minutes. If you secure your window, you can prevent a break-in attempt in advance with the "display " of large bolts.