Ready-mixed concrete for the foundation - what to look out for?

For the construction of small foundations, you should always use ready-mixed concrete instead of mixing the concrete yourself, as ready-mixed concrete guarantees a controlled quality. In the case of foundations for larger buildings, however, precast concrete is often not practical. Read more here.

Precast concrete for the foundation

For foundations such as those required for small garden houses or fences, precast concrete (€ 15.69 on Amazon *) is certainly the best solution. With quality class B 15 you should be sufficient in most cases. This also shows the difference to self-mixing: With ready-mixed concrete you have a tested and guaranteed quality that you do not have when mixing yourself. If you make mistakes here, the load-bearing capacity may not be sufficient.

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For foundations for larger buildings, such as the residential building, you should rely on delivery concrete. If a bottom plate is to be cast, it is important that the concrete flows evenly on the layer to be concrete, even with a strip foundation is the basic to ensure the load capacity.

In addition to the right concrete composition, the right introduction also plays a supporting role for the quality of the foundation.

Tips & Tricks Are you thinking with your architect, whether you can not pour the bottom plate from steel fiber concrete. The savings work steps and thus costs and time.