Find your balance: this is how you balance family and job

It is never easy as a mother to reconcile family life and work, but it can be done. How? We'll tell you!

There are more working mothers today than ever before. They always give 100 percent, not only in relation to their family, but also in terms of their job. Coping with this double burden is anything but easy. Many mothers feel stressed. Therefore, it is all the more important that working mums do not constantly feel that they would have to tear themselves up.

What really counts?

The first step profession and family successfully unite is the priorities for themselves, the family and the job to define. What can not do without the family and what makes the time with the family so wonderful? Which professional goals do you want to achieve? What supports well-being, health and what makes you happy? Where can you find support in professional and family questions? Who answers these questions for yourself, is on the way to get everything under a hat.

What can I give up?

If all matters have been defined once, you also have to be aware of what you do best yourself and what can be taken over by someone else. Handing over tasks is not always easy, but it can also clear the view of what is really important. Whether it is about weekly shopping, which is done alternately with your partner, or carpooling for the children with neighbors, it doesn't hurt to share tasks and thus create space for freedom.

Set limits

It is not always easy to say 'no'. However, it is precisely this that can help to adhere to the limits set. Enforcing this is an important skill to keep family and work in balance. It helps to stay present and focused in family life and in everyday working life. When it comes to family, it is crucial that you can really enjoy this time. It is by no means easy not to take your work home with you. But if you strictly separate family and work, that's the best you can do for the family and yourself.

Take time for yourself

While one has so much responsibility, one's needs fall behind. Of course, from time to time it is not possible to do otherwise. Nevertheless, it is very important not to completely disregard yourself and your own needs. Be it your hobby, sport or just relaxing, don't forget yourself. This is the only way to create enough space for yourself to manage the balancing act between family and work.

Reduce stress: 10 minutes of relaxation yoga

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Why all that?

There are only 24 hours in a day. There's no point trying to do a thousand things at once. If you try, it rarely works. Most of the time, a task done under stress only ends in frustration. But the goal is completely different: to combine family and job - but do not stress yourself to the utmost.

There are so many possibilities and goals that one would like to pursue and just as many living conditions that change them and shift the weighting of the priorities that have been set.

New working models offer new opportunities

The rhythm of life changes as soon as you start a family. It is therefore all the more important that the world of work adjusts to it. In the meantime, more and more employees are fortunate enough to work in companies that accommodate their employees with new work models so that they can combine work and family in the best possible way.

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