Uncork the bottle with or without a corkscrew

Corkscrews are one of the most beautiful inventions for people who love to enjoy themselves. The spiral spindle helps with gentle uncorking in order to get to the wine as gently as possible. A few tricks should be observed when using it. It gets exciting when a corkscrew is missing between the bottle and the wine. There are stopgap solutions.

Properties of a corkscrew

When opening a corked bottle with a corkscrew, the auxiliary device should have the following properties:

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  • The spindle should be at least six inches long to be able to wind through any standard cork length
  • The spindle should have a sufficient winding radius. A toothpick or match can be inserted to check
  • The diameter of the spindle should be as thin as possible
  • The tip of the spindle should be "sharp" and undamaged
  • With a wing corkscrew, the folding mechanism must run smoothly

Using a corkscrew

  • The spindle must be placed on the cork at a right angle
  • The center of the cork should be hit as precisely as possible
  • The corkscrew should be turned slowly with even effort
  • The spindle is screwed in until the resistance is reduced when it breaks through
  • When the spindle is screwed in, the cork is drawn slowly and evenly
  • The pulling is again carried out perpendicularly at a right angle to the bottle neck

Uncork with auxiliary construction

If a screw and a screwdriver are within reach, a fully functional bottle opener can be tinkered with. The screw is slowly screwed into the center of the cork. It should be a long and slim screw with a maximum size of M6.

When the screw is screwed in about three-quarters of the cork length, its head, as wide as possible, should protrude so far that the screwdriver shaft still fits in between. Now you can slowly pull the cork by tilting two parallel and opposite screwdriver shafts.

Uncork without tools

Without tools, like at a picnic, a brutal method has to be used. The wine bottle can be held horizontally against a wall or a tree. A shoe can act as cushioning. After many blows, the cork will come out bit by bit until you can pull it with your fingers. If that's too risky for you, you have the last stopgap solution: press the cork into the neck of the bottle with your thumb.

Tips & Tricks If you are interested in lessons in applied corkscrewing, you can contact the corkscrew friends.de find what you are looking for.