Convert a bottle without a bottom into a lantern or a hanging lamp

Many decorative objects can be made from a bottle without a bottom. The classics are lanterns and lamps. The design options are so popular and varied that bottomless glass bottles are offered by special manufacturers. Since this is not possible industrially, it involves relatively expensive handicrafts.

Buy it or make it yourself

A bottle without a bottom is not only a good idea, it also literally imposes itself as a light source. The flame heat of set candles can escape through the neck of the bottle. A suspension at the upper opening of the bottle neck can carry a light bulb socket protruding into the interior of the bottle.

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Hand-blown bottles are available from craft stores. With a little skill you can cut bottle glass yourself. An auxiliary tool such as a diamond grinder or a Dremel can be used for cutting. The specific material properties of glass also allow the bottom of the bottle to be "blown off" by heat and sudden cooling.


To make a lantern out of a wine bottle, for example, the bottomlessness of the bottle is enough. The upper part of the bottle is put over a tea light or a small candle and the lantern is ready. Extensions increase the decorative character:

  • Substructure made of wood or stone that forms a platform. A ground-in ring-shaped groove can fix the bottle in the bottom and sink the sharp cut edge.
  • If the bottomless bottle is inserted with the bottle neck down, for example in decorative sand or earth, a wind-protected candle holder is created

Build a lamp

The construction principle of the lantern can be used to build a lamp out of a bottle. Instead of a candle, an electric light source is placed under the bottle. Flickering light bulbs, LEDs or a spot create exciting optical effects.

For a hanging lamp made from a bottle without a bottom, a suspension is installed in the bottle neck. It can consist of a cork or it can be "molded " from acrylic mass. Either the power cable is passed through the "stuffing material " or hanging hooks are attached. The end of the cable hanging inside the bottle is terminated with a pear socket.

Tips & Tricks You can construct a combination of hanging lamp and lantern with a wire twisted in a spiral. At the upper end, the wire is hooked into the edge of the bottle opening and at the lower end it forms a setting level for a tea light.