partially or completely tape the bottles

The multitude of labels in shape, color and size shows the variety of designs that can be created by gluing bottles. The creative decoration options can be expanded by completely sticking them on. Uniform foils, powdery jewelry materials and three-dimensional applications are possible.

Temporary or permanent ornament

Basically, the labeling of bottles is used for two different purposes:

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  • Event-related and individual labeling
  • Permanent design and decoration of a home accessory

For example, a removed bottle label can be replaced with a new one for event-related labeling.

The permanent design competes with other methods of decorating a bottle. The ideas for redesigning can also be implemented by varnishing or painting.

Use and function as a home accessory

If a bottle is to serve as a light source, such as when making a lantern or building a lamp, partially or fully transparent stickers are useful. The following materials are possible:

  • Parchment papers
  • Transparent or semi-transparent foils
  • Thin craft papers

Combinations of opaque, nontransparent adhesive materials can be provided with cutouts to keep the light and the inside of the bottle visible. If no show through is intended, in principle any adhesive material can be applied.

Types of application when gluing

The type of stickers creates a great variety of designs. The most common methods already offer extensive jewelry effects:

  • Evenly covering
  • Overlapping
  • Puzzle-shaped
  • Mosaics
  • Collages

In addition to the solid application of materials in single or multi-layer form, the technique of using glue as a basis is another creative variant. Spray adhesives are available for handicraft supplies, which also help to seal the jewelry and ornaments that have already been glued on.

The bottle body can be partially or completely glued. Decorative elements such as bows or dried flowers can be glued on. For full and large-area stickers, for example with decorative sand, rice grains and decorative balls made of plastic or glass, the completely glued-in bottle is rolled through the material like a rolling pin, similar to breading.

Tips & Tricks If the bottles you are sticking on are exposed to heat, you need to choose a glue or glue that is suitably durable. Typical heat development is caused by candles, light bulbs and by placing the bottles on the sunlit window sill.