Sealing bottles and how something like this is possible

If self-made beverages are to be properly bottled, a bottle cap that is as secure as possible is also required. There are a few alternatives to screw caps, but they are often anything but safe.

What options you have for a safe bottle closure

Bottles in a wide variety of designs are suitable if drinks that you have prepared yourself are to be appropriately and beautifully packaged. These are either provided with a conventional screw cap or, for example, with a cork, through which the contents are to be protected from evaporation or the outside air. In order to make the bottle look professionally filled and secure, an additional seal is usually required, which can be done in different ways, for example through one of the following options:

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  • a wax seal
  • the sealing with a special foil
  • another seal that shrinks from heat (a so-called shrink sleeve)
  • Labels or paper seals
  • special screw caps

The closure as a quality feature

Often the closure is also a kind of quality feature, which stands for the originality as well as for the security of the respective contents of the bottle. In fact, you have several options for making such a backup yourself. In addition to conventional wax sealing, you can use special foils that form a secure seal on the bottle cap, which must first be removed before the bottle is opened. But there are other options, such as paper seals or labels, which break when the bottle is opened and beforehand indicate that the closure is intact.

Bottle caps and other options

Plastic sleeves, which are first placed over the cap of the bottle and then heated, are also of interest. The heat contracts the sleeve and wraps itself around the neck of the bottle. It is a professional-looking type of security lock or. sealing. You have certainly seen such closures on wine bottles or other glass bottles. There are also special screw caps which, when used for the first time, create an absolutely tight connection with the neck of the bottle or. enter the edge of the glass at the top of the bottle, thereby protecting the contents.

There are enough possibilities

Choose the option of a suitable closure or. a seal that is best suited for your purposes and also best fits in terms of style.