Lull in bed? THAT are the greatest lust killers

You can't even remember the last time you had sex? Then check out whether these lust killers are slowing down your sex life!

There are many reasons why little or nothing happens in bed. But: Fortunately, most of them can be easily changed.

There are a couple of things that drive the desire for sex to zero in the first place. Stress, careless handling and thoughtlessness in the relationship are common causes. We'll tell you the biggest brakes on lust in bed:

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Lustkiller N ° 1. stress

If you are constantly stressed, think of a thousand things at the same time, you rarely feel like having sex. It's a shame, because a hot act between the sheets is the best recipe against stress.
Tip: Get yourself up, nothing is so important that it can't wait a moment. So take some time out and have fun with your partner. The to-do list won't run away - I promise.

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Lustkiller N ° 2. Permanent caving

Often we don't even notice. But when we are constantly stressed, we sometimes mislead our tone to our partner. It happens quickly that we actually only criticize our friend. There is nothing he can do right for us. How are you supposed to feel like each other??!
Constant nagging and bumbling are simply absolute lust killers, because they let us keep a distance from each other. But: As soon as you learn to talk normally again and to be more loving with one another, sex also comes back into the relationship.

P.S. This does not mean that no criticism of the other may be made. Be open about what bothers you, but without attacking your partner. Acceptable, fair criticism and aggressive pummeling are really not the same thing.

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Lustkiller N ° 3. Routine & boredom

After a few years of relationship, especially if you live together, the routine creeps in automatically. This is also quite normal and happens in the best of relationships. But if at some point your love life is reduced to the fact that you do a quick number on Sunday mornings or after the crime scene, in the same position and without a lot of energy and imagination, then that's not exactly hot, honestly.

Drive away the routine - with new places for sex, new positions and just with your energy and lust for each other.
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Lustkiller N ° 4. Smartphone zombies

Nothing is as distracting as the constant ringing of the phone or the beeping of a new message. And nobody has to look at their smartphone all the time. Who should call please? What are you missing out on when you're in your boyfriend's arms and want to do nice and dirty things? Nothing! So do yourself a favor: If your cell phone is making noises constantly: switch it to silent mode or ban it from the bedroom.

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