Stains on a leatherette sofa cannot always be removed

Synthetic leather consists of an impermeable top layer made of plastic. For this reason, stains only appear technically on the surface. If the traces of dirt consist of very durable and strongly adhesive substances, removal is a balancing act between loosening and loosening and not damaging the surface.

The layer of foreign matter must be destroyed

There are very adhesive substances that can "cling" to smooth surfaces for a very long time. Theoretically, no stain can appear on synthetic leather that penetrates into the material. Fiber and felt-tip pens, however, are a good example of how little this can be seen optically. Removing stains from synthetic leather is physically like scrubbing or scraping.

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Many stain-forming substances "cling" to the plastic surface through the formation of enzymes or other chemical reactions. In order to "crack " the sometimes unbelievably stable foreign matter, cleaning agents help to break open these structures. In the case of enzymes, for example, enzyme-dissolving substances are helpful. The more aggressive the active ingredients of the cleaning agent, the more likely they are to attack the PVC, PU or paint coatings at the same time.

Leather funds don't help

Even if the name suggests otherwise, real leather and synthetic leather have only one thing in common: They are used in the same way. The materials are fundamentally different and do not have comparable properties. The cleaning of real leather uses the porosity of the real leather and must also reach foreign substances that have penetrated.

No stains can penetrate the synthetic leather. Accordingly, all cleaning and home remedies designed and known for real leather fail.

Possible cleaning agents for artificial leather

In order to destroy the structure of the stain films, different aids can be tried:

  • In some cases, the minerals in mineral water have a structure-loosening effect
  • Starch has an enzyme-splitting effect
  • Baby wipes dissolve fats as gently as possible
  • Baking powder or baking soda destroy various chemical structures
  • Special cleaning agent according to the manufacturer's instructions

The cleaning agents should be dabbed on and left on for at least ten minutes. You can then be picked up with light circular movements with a soft, absorbent cotton cloth. A white synthetic leather sofa is also cleaned in this way.

Tips & Tricks Do not use mild detergents, washing-up liquid or other substances that contain alcohol or tensides. If the "gentle" methods are unsuccessful, paint over the stains.