Properly cut porcelain stoneware tiles

Porcelain stoneware tiles have long since replaced conventional ceramic tiles made of stoneware. Porcelain stoneware is particularly popular because of its hardness and resistance to breakage. Do-it-yourselfers often have to worry about processing tiles and slabs made of porcelain stoneware with conventional tile cutting tools. Therefore, below you will find all the useful information about cutting porcelain stoneware tiles.

Do the properties of porcelain stoneware influence the cutting tool??

Porcelain stoneware can be described as the further development of tiles and slabs made of stoneware. In the 1980s, the prerequisites were finally in place so that the raw materials used could be pressed extremely well and burned very hot. The porcelain stoneware is even burned so hot that it completely sinters through. But sintering makes porcelain stoneware, similar to clinker, extremely hard and break-proof. Many do-it-yourselfers are asking themselves which tools are best for cutting porcelain stoneware tiles.

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Tile cutting machine with water cooling and diamond disc

Again and again recommendations are heard that refer to an electric tile cutter (63.99 € at Amazon *) with water cooling and diamond saw blade. Basically, this is actually the right decision, but not mandatory for the home improvement. Because the good machines are expensive in the purchase, and if you might only want to cut porcelain stoneware tiles, the purchase would be disproportionate. Because in principle, they can also cut tiles and plates of porcelain stoneware with a conventional mechanical tile cutter. Although injured and break the better formulation would be because such a "normal " tile cutter yes only the surface. Then the tile is then broken at this predetermined breaking point.

Cutting tiles made of porcelain stoneware with a conventional tile cutter

However, it could be problematic if you only want to cut out small corners. Although you can also cut small pieces of a tile made of porcelain stoneware, the result is often less than satisfactory, especially for beginners. The background to this is the fact that porcelain stoneware is not only extremely hard, but also brittle. However, if you scratch the front of the porcelain stoneware tile and then tap the back with a small tile hammer exactly and carefully on the right place, the porcelain stoneware will break exactly along the cut or. Ritzes.

Cut porcelain stoneware tiles with an angle grinder with a cutting disc

In areas that will not be visible later, e.g. under skirting boards, pipe rosettes, etc. you can also cut the porcelain stoneware tiles with an angle grinder (€ 49.99 at Amazon *) and a stone cutting disc. However, you should always do this work outdoors. Think of a place where you won't get in trouble with your neighbors because of the massive amount of dust.

Cut curves in porcelain stoneware

However, if you want to cut curves in porcelain stoneware tiles, you cannot avoid a professional tile cutting machine with a diamond disc. If necessary, you can also use the angle grinder here, but you will not be able to cut the porcelain stoneware perfectly. So the same applies to circular cuts on porcelain stoneware tiles with the angle grinder: only in those places that will later be definitely covered.

Tips & Tricks As an alternative to purchasing a tile cutting machine with a diamond blade, you can also borrow such a device for cutting tiles from porcelain stoneware from many tool rental companies and hardware stores.

Drilling tiles and slabs made of porcelain stoneware is much more difficult than cutting porcelain stoneware. Of course, you will also find detailed advice and instructions on [drilling porcelain stoneware tiles] in the house journal.