Tiles with a wood look: What price should you expect??

Wooden floors have a pleasant charisma, they convey warmth and comfort. But a real wooden floor swallows the heat from the underfloor heating - and it is very sensitive. Modern tiles with a wood look look astonishingly similar to a parquet floor and can withstand a lot more!

What do tiles in wood look cost? A price comparison

The prices for tiles with a wood look are based on various properties. When choosing, pay particular attention to the thickness of the tiles and their abrasion resistance: you usually pay more for better quality, but your flooring will last longer.

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When choosing tiles for the living area, you should also inform yourself about the slip resistance and occupational safety. Again, higher comfort is usually a bit more expensive, but that should be worth your safety.

Tiles in wood look 1. Election - without any blemish - also have a higher price than the same sorting 2. choice. The prices of wood look tiles start about 15 EUR per sqm, for example for porcelain stoneware with a thickness below 1 cm.

The average price category is between 25 and 35 EUR, in this area are the most such tiles. A robust ceramic tile with great abrasion resistance can also cost 50 EUR per sqm or more.

Vendor for tiles in wood look

Tiles in wood look can be found on the Internet for example at TileMax.de. Here you can choose between many different wood imitations and qualities.

Fliesen24 is also a supplier of wood-look tiles. This online shop offers a particularly large selection with numerous special offers and remaining stock.

However, those who prefer to personally examine their tiles in a large tile exhibition are at kerana.de in good hands: Take a look at your wood-look tiles in the exhibitions in Berlin, Potsdam and Brandenburg!

Tips & Tricks If your favorite wood-look tile is too expensive, then take a look to see if you can buy the same product as a remaining stock from another supplier or as a sort 2. Find a choice. 2.Choice does not always mean that there is clearly visible damage! Be sure to personally inspect the goods before buying.