Tiles in parquet look: classic in a modern way

Parquet is a real classic among floor coverings - but high-quality parquet is usually expensive and in many cases quite sensitive. If it is only about the look, tiles with a parquet look are a good and, above all, highly resilient alternative. Read more here.

Parquet floor with tile advantage

Parquet floors are rightly considered the classic among floor coverings. A few decades ago, they were primarily an expression of high quality and luxury. With certain restrictions, this is still true today.

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The problem with parquet is, on the one hand, the very high sensitivity, especially if - because of the more beautiful appearance - is not sealed, and the comparatively high price. Tiles with a parquet look have clear advantages here.

  • They are usually much cheaper than real parquet
  • They can hardly be distinguished optically from real parquet
  • They are extremely resistant to dirt and mechanical loads
  • You do not need conservationally maintained and renewed at regular intervals - tiles also keep in terms of decades

If you consider all these advantages, tiles in parquet optics are of course clearly the better alternative. The high-quality optics connect here with excellent practical properties, the parquet does not have.

In recent years, more and more tiles with a darker look in the trade, where there were almost only bright tones a few years ago. Oak and mountain mouth are almost available today almost everywhere.

For special or particularly high-quality designs you should be best turned to the specialized tile dealers, such as Kerana.DE or HANSESTONE.DE - Occasionally you will find tiles in parquet optics but also in the traditional branch stories, where the available range is usually a little cheaper.

So you can save costs

The prices for tiles can be very different. On the one hand this is due to the often very different quality, on the other hand very special designer pieces are often significantly more expensive than "ordinary" designs.

In view of the high durability of tiles, however, it is sometimes worth paying a small surcharge for a really beautiful and, above all, timeless look - after all, this investment pays off over many years, where other floor coverings often have to be replaced several times.

Tips & Tricks Not only parquet optics, but also plank optics can be created with tile coverings today. This means a high-quality, visually appealing floor covering that is durable for decades and is particularly easy to care for. Certainly also a possible alternative to the parquet look.