Slate-look tiles: rustic and timeless

Slate is a classic material that, in addition to covering roofs and facades, is also used indoors. The expensive natural material can be replaced more cheaply by tiles with a corresponding look. Read more about this here.

Slate as a floor covering or on the walls

Slate is mainly used for roofs and as facade cladding in older houses, but it can also be used indoors for wall design and flooring. As a natural material, slate is relatively expensive.

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It can be used in interior areas much more cheaply by means of appropriately designed tiles with a slate look. Prices from 15 euros per square meter are possible here - much cheaper than natural slate and much easier to work with.

Advantages of tiles with a slate look

  • They are much easier to clean, especially when used as a floor covering
  • Despite its durability, natural slate is sensitive in some ways - tiles are not
  • there is no discoloration or damage
  • In any case, tiles are significantly cheaper than natural slate - despite the same appearance

Tiles with a slate look are therefore always an alternative - and tiles, just like slate, are a natural material: in the end, ceramic is nothing more than baked earth.

These days, designs with a slate look can no longer only be found in porcelain stoneware, but also consistently in hardware stores - although the range there is of course usually much smaller compared to specialized tile dealers. Jonastone, for example, is a source of or an, or dealers like

Not only the quality, but also the design can be decisive for the price of tiles with a slate look, many very high-quality designs are also correspondingly expensive. In many cases, however, there are also inexpensive alternatives.

So you can save costs

In addition to special offers and remaining stock in small quantities, smaller online retailers can often be a good source of cheap tiles.

Tile campaign items are also offered on eBay again and again - but you should always be careful if you only select a design from photos. Color nuances in particular are not always clearly recognizable.

Tips & Tricks As with all tiles, it is of course also important for tiles with a slate look to be installed correctly and, in some cases, for floor tiles to use the correct installation pattern. Otherwise, tiles with a slate look quickly become tiles with a slate look. So it is better to trust the specialist.