Painting and redesigning tiles: You have to know these tricks

Your old tiles are dragging you down? Time to redesign it! We'll show you how to paint and stick ugly tiles. This gives the bathroom and kitchen a completely new look!

According to Pinterest, one of THE living trends of 2019 is to paint your tiles. No wonder, because upcycling your old tiles has many advantages: It's cheaper than a complete renovation and you can save yourself the noise and dirt.
And it doesn't matter whether you completely repaint your tiles or would rather paint and enhance them with patterns such as mosaics: The tile trend can also be implemented without any manual experience.
We will show you step by step how and with what color you can paint and redesign unsightly tiles. And we'll tell you how you can upgrade your tiles without painting. Keyword tile foil.

Painting tiles in the kitchen and bathroom

There are often tiled floors and walls in the kitchen and bathroom. Especially if these are from the 60s or 70s, the tiles are anything but contemporary.
If you still want beautiful tiles without having to carry out an expensive renovation with noise and dirt, then upcycling your old tiles is exactly the right idea for you. Both floor tiles and tiled walls can be painted and thus redesigned.

What color do you use to paint tiles?

If you want to paint your tiles, a special tile color or varnish must be used. It is usually applied in two layers and can also be sealed at the end. The best thing to do is to seek advice from a hardware store about which tile varnish is suitable for your needs. There you can also have a color mixed directly according to your taste.
Painting tiles in the bathroom and kitchen
Light colors or white are particularly suitable for small and windowless bathrooms, as this makes the room appear larger and more modern. In the kitchen, in addition to classic white, you can also use gaudy colors to add color accents.

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> There is special tile varnish for bathroom and kitchen in different colors

Stencils and patterns: ideas for redesigning tiles

Perhaps you already have single-colored, white tiles - but they are too boring for you. Then you can easily paint the tiles with patterns and thereby enhance them. Mosaic patterns are particularly popular this year, creating an exotic and Mediterranean flair in your home. Mosaics come into their own both as borders on the wall and on floor tiles.
When painting your tiles, you proceed exactly as you would when painting the tiles. As soon as you have decided on a nice pattern, you only have to get stencils that allow you to apply the pattern evenly with colored tile varnish.

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Painting preparation for tiling

Step 1: pretreat the tiles
Depending on the type of tile, you should roughen your tiles beforehand - especially if your tiles have unevenness. So it is best to rub the tiles with emery paper or abrasive fleece (available here at Amazon) beforehand. Be sure to check what is in the instructions for use for the tile varnish.
Step 2: clean tiles thoroughly
Painting tiles is easy, but it does require a little preparatory work. And that means: clean your tiles AND the joints really thoroughly so that no grease or dirt residues remain. Also check the joints, repair cracks with grout and remove silicone joints that are already too broken.
A great trick, for example how to get the joints clean, can be found here: Ingenious cleaning trick: HOW the joints in the shower are cleaned in a flash!
Step 3: masking the fittings
As with normal painting, you should remove movable objects and furniture from the wall or floor and tape off edges, edges and fittings or cover them with foil.
Step 4: prime the tiles
The preparatory work is almost done. Use a foam roller to apply the primer evenly to your tiles and let them dry well for 24 hours. Some manufacturers offer tile lacquers that already contain the primer so that you can start painting right away.
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Painting tiles: step by step

Step 1: first painting
Now paint your tiles evenly with a clean foam roller and then let the paint dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure that the paint does not get wet during this time. If you only apply samples instead of a complete color, you will of course only paint your samples using your stencils.

Step 2: second paint job
As soon as the first layer of lacquer has hardened, you can apply the second layer of lacquer with a new, clean foam roller. Also then your patience is required until the paint is completely dry. And now someone should say again that DIY is a man's business!
Step 3: sealing (optional)
As soon as everything has hardened well, it is advisable to apply a protective coating as a seal, especially in shower cubicles or floors. It's also best to get advice on this from a hardware store.
In the video there are instructions for painting tiles:


Painting tiles: what about the joints?

When painting tiles, you have two options when it comes to the joints. On the one hand, you can completely remove the silicone joints before painting and re-grout your tiles after painting and drying. This ensures the most professional result, but it is quite time-consuming and not so easy to carry out for inexperienced users.
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The simpler option: You also coat the joints with the tile varnish. You should proceed as follows: First of all, only prime the joints and use a round brush. Once you have primed all the joints, you can then prime the tiles with a painter's roller.

Paint or stick on tiles?

It is not always possible to paint your tiles. If you live in a rented apartment, the landlord will rarely allow you to paint over the existing tiles. You should definitely ask before you get to work.
Fortunately, if you can't paint your tiles, there is still a simple and inexpensive way to spruce up your tiles: tile stickers. They are available in countless colors and patterns. The big plus: They can be attached very easily and removed again without leaving any residue.

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