Milling with the drill

In a narrow frame, milling with a stand drilling machine is possible. If the factory material is soft enough and does not have larger unevenness in the inner hardness course, a milling attachment is sufficient in a conventional chuck. Metal workparts often exceed the holding stability that can ensure a spindle without a tightening rod.

Decentralized exercise of force

The force development during milling is so great that it is not possible to do without clamping the drill in a drill stand. Freehand milling is possible in some cases with soft types of wood. However, the woods then have to provide positional stability on their own.

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A preliminary stage of milling with a drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *) are drill bits in the shape of a cup. They rotate with their saw teeth around the central axial power transmission of the drilling shaft. With an absolutely straight run, they remain in the wood while rotating through 360 degrees with an identical gain in depth. In the case of circular milling, the central hole filling is also removed by rotating knife edges.

Minimum performance and time factor

The decentralized application of force through the distribution of the pressure surfaces on the surface of the milling attachment demand a torque and a rotation speed from the drilling machine that only larger devices with a nominal output of around 1500 watts or more can provide. For reasons of strength, the direction of milling is limited to down-cut milling on a drilling machine. Only in this way are the feed forces sufficient to remove material.

Even with powerful, optimally fixed standing drills and stable brackets, it is almost impossible to prevent the workpiece from moving due to vibrations. Milling processes with drilling machines therefore also have a kind of time limit in which the desired material removal must be achieved. At around 1800 revolutions per minute, workpieces must be held in place for up to around ten minutes net machining time.

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Metal cutting

Anyone who wants to mill metal such as aluminum must always expect that the drill will not deliver a satisfactory result. Alloys of all kinds and warpage forces due to material heating are "too much" for the axial force distributed over the surface.

Tips & Tricks If you want to mill metal, do some research on the subject of machining technology. Under this topic you will find the physical basics of milling and the resulting forces. From these explanations and values, you can quickly deduce whether your drilling machine meets the requirements.

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