Newly renovated, but how do you get on the wall behind the radiator?

The apartment is being renovated, but what to do with the radiators? Dismantling them is a great effort and usually only works with a specialist. We tell you here how you can still get fresh color behind it.

What options are there to paint behind the radiator?

Anyone who still has old ribbed radiators knows the problem with renovation. You can see the wall through the ribs and especially with colored walls, the background of the radiator looks ugly. Even with panel radiators, the wall behind should be painted so that no dirty corners are left in the room.

3 ways to get paint behind the radiator:

The radiator roller

These are paint rollers that are very thin and small, but have a long, usually flexible handle. So you can simply paint from above and the side behind the radiator. The head of the radiator roller is quite small and flat. This allows it to be used like a brush where it can no longer roll. This allows the wall spots between the ribs of a radiator to be painted from the front.

The radiator brush

These long flat brushes, curved at the front edge, are especially suitable for inaccessible corners. They are particularly suitable for painting the wall between the ribs of a ribbed radiator. This is how you get behind the radiator with the angled side, a rib on both sides. A disadvantage is that the radiator is covered with paint, because the ribs are very difficult to mask off. Always work behind one rib. If you wipe off the spilled paint right away, it won't dry on.

The wood paneling

Get a thin sheet of wood or MDF cut to the size of the radiator. Paint this with your wall paint. Then attach it to the wall behind the radiator.

Tips & Tricks The most important thing you have to do before each painting is to properly mask the radiator. To do this, use a slightly thicker cover film from the hardware store and attach it firmly to the radiator. Thin foil literally sticks to the painter's roller, if you come near it and start working in a relaxed manner, then there is no longer any question of it.