Floor tiles in wood look: rustic and easy to care for

Wooden floors give rooms a special quality and a classic ambience. In terms of maintenance, however, they are more of the demanding floor coverings. Tiles with a wood look are a really good alternative here. Read more here.

Wooden floors are sensitive and require a lot of care

A beautiful wooden floor visually enhances a room enormously - wood is still considered traditional, rustic and very high quality. Unfortunately, wooden floors are also very demanding.

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  • Wooden floors are sensitive to moisture and can easily crack
  • Wooden floors have to be cleaned gently and often painstakingly cared for
  • Heavy soiling and mechanical loads can quickly damage wood
  • A wooden floor often shows very clear signs of wear over the years, which is often very unattractive

Tiles as flooring, on the other hand, are practically insensitive to all loads and soiling, extremely easy to clean and often durable for decades. That makes them a good alternative.

In addition, the modern designs in ceramics can hardly be distinguished from a "real " wooden floor today - the difference can only be recognized by the "warmth of footsteps ".

Tiles with a wood look are now available from almost all tile dealers, such as Kerana.de or hansestone.de, but a small range can also be found in most hardware stores, such as Hornbach or Obi.

So you can save costs

In the case of tiles, the price often depends very clearly on the quality - and here you should have a clear idea of what quality you actually want. The abrasion resistance is usually a criterion, but it does not have to be excessively high.

Class 3 is already completely sufficient for heavy use, everything beyond that is usually only aimed at the commercial sector. And in many living spaces, class 2 is more than sufficient for abrasion resistance.

Tips & Tricks The more discreet the wood look, the more timeless the design is. Tiles are very durable as flooring, so you should also make sure that the flooring still fits with a possible new furnishing.