Footwarm, decorative and natural: wooden tiles on the terrace

Who wants a wooden floor on his terrace, with wooden tiles has a slightly relocating and decorative alternative. The lots of lattice-like wooden tiles defrosted on the subsoil can also cover an existing floor without much effort.

Square, rectangular or endless

While at wooden tiles for balconies is usually chosen the square standard measure of thirty times thirty centimeters, for a larger terrace, often squares with the side dimension of fifty centimeters or rectangular wooden tile formats are more suitable

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The larger square or rectangular formats are usually referred to as decking. Most suppliers offer wooden tiles in widths of around ninety centimeters in different lengths, ranging from ninety to 1.50 meters.

The slat width of the tiles is fifty, sixty or ninety centimeters, some manufacturers also offer wooden tiles or decking in intermediate sizes. A related type of wooden floor are individual decking boards that are not laid in a composite tile structure and that are inserted into one another as endless strips.

Click wooden tiles or pedestals

The type of wood from which the terrace tiles are made is the decisive criterion for durability. All wood used for building purposes is divided into durability classes and only woods from classes one and two guarantee weather resistance, abrasion resistance and stability for the wooden tiles on the terrace.

Almost all manufacturers offer wooden tiles for the terrace with a substructure made of plastic, which is firmly attached to the wood and can be simply placed on the sub-surface and connected with a click technique, just as easily as with puzzle pieces. An alternative is the use of slab or pedestal bearings that are placed under the corners of the individual wooden tile elements.

Pedestals are available with fixed heights, which can be adjusted using a disc stacking technique, and in height-adjustable versions that use a gear mechanism that allows the wooden tiles to be leveled very precisely.

Native wood and tropical trees

The cheapest wooden tiles for terraces are made from local woods and start at around twenty euros per square meter. Large furniture stores and hardware stores sell acacia, Douglas fir, oak or larch, with many coniferous products belonging to durability class three and should not be selected in this case.

Tropical trees such as Bangkirai, Teak, Cumaru, Massaranduba or Itauba are more durable, although they should in principle have FSC certification. The price range for wooden tiles made from these woods starts at thirty euros and averages around sixty euros per square meter. The website Holzterrasse-Holzfliesen is suitable for

Tips & Tricks Avoid soft trees such as spruce or pine, which have been impregnated and treated to withstand rain, but have about half the shelf life of hardwood.