Warm feet, natural and waterproof: wooden tiles in the bathroom

The suitability of slatted frames for floors exposed to moisture and wetness has been proven for a long time in swimming pools and spas. Wooden tiles with open joints guarantee that water will run off immediately and, due to their distance from the floor, there is no risk of rotting.

Only solid wood lasts over the long term

In the past centuries, wooden tiles were used as flooring in public baths. When choosing the right wood and taking appropriate care, wooden tiles can have a very long service life despite the constant exposure to high humidity and water.

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A decisive requirement are wooden tiles that consist exclusively of solid wood. This also applies to the lower support strips that may be present, which crosswise connect the upper wooden strips. Alternatively and with click technology, a stable and waterproof plastic carrier can also form the substructure.

Suitable quiet woods

The wood chosen for the wooden tiles in the bathroom must be a little swelling wood. Among the native woods, walnut, Douglas fir or smoked oak are good choices. As a mostly more expensive alternative, the tropical trees Bangkirai or teak can bring the right properties with them, whereby attention should be paid to products from sustainable forestry with the FSC seal.

Additional insensitivity is achieved with thermally pretreated woods. Caution is advised with reddish tropical trees such as Merbau or Jatoba, as they can stain with long-term moisture. In principle, oak is particularly suitable as thermo or smoked oak, but can develop stains on the surface from cleaning agents or oil-based care products.

The generally calm and therefore suitable woods include the Finnish and Canadian birch, the Canadian maple, elm, thermo ash, few, Douglas fir and, with restrictions, domestic conifers such as spruce or pine.

Pore sealing and price ranges

Basically, a pore-open seal with oil or wax is preferable, because the wood tiles achieve better moisture exchange with the ability to "breathe ". The prices for wooden tiles vary greatly and are very dependent on the type of wood.

The cheapest wooden tiles suitable for the bathroom in square standard sizes start at around twenty euros per square meter and are made from local trees. Higher-quality and pretreated thermal oils are available from about forty euros per square meter and tropical hardwood as teak starts at fifty euros.

Tips & Tricks wooden tiles in the bathroom have open joints, in the hair and other residues. The acquisition of a wet vacuum cleaner can solve this cleaning problem.