Installing the garage door operator - what you should pay attention to

The assembly of the garage door operator is not complicated in and of itself - however, a professional installation is important. You can therefore read here what you have to pay attention to when installing.

Type of drive

Each type of garage door requires a different operator. A different type of drive is required for up-and-over doors that open below the garage ceiling than for sectional doors. The required power and motor output are also different for both doors, as completely different tensile loads occur.

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Only the drive that is actually suitable for the respective door and that has sufficient power may be installed. The following are decisive for this:

  • the width of the gate
  • the door type
  • the material of the gate
  • the entire stroke (leverage)

Fastening technology

Fastenings must be carried out properly and stably. This can sometimes cause problems with concrete garage ceilings. The appropriate tool (hammer drill (€ 159.90 at Amazon *), Hilti) is required in any case.

The fastenings must also be carried out extremely precisely, since even small deviations of a few millimeters can lead to changed tensile loads and the engine power can no longer be fully transmitted.

In addition, it is also important to ensure that the running rails are installed exactly horizontally. There must not be any gradient. In the case of uneven garage ceilings, appropriate leveling is therefore necessary beforehand.

Aligning the gate

With all drives, the garage door must be precisely aligned with the spirit level before installation. If the gate is not completely precisely aligned, the tensile loads will change and the engine power can no longer be fully transmitted.

Power supply for the electric drive

For an electrically operated garage door, a corresponding power connection must also be available in the garage. In the event of subsequent installation, the laying and connection of the cable should always be carried out by a specialist electrical company.

The connection must also be secured in accordance with the motor power; the total current loads must be taken into account when connecting. In no case should you install the cable yourself unless you are an electrician and have the appropriate expertise.

Tips & Tricks Even if you are installing in a new garage, it is better to screw on the floor frame instead of setting it in concrete. Otherwise you could possibly have problems with a later replacement of the garage door if the frame no longer fits.