Curtains for the arched window

An arched window with its beautiful classic shape always looks very noble. You shouldn't destroy this impression with unsuitable curtains. Gathers that are too strong are also not appropriate, as they also completely hide the round arch. Here are some ideas for curtains and decorations on an arched window.

Curtain rod or aluminum rail?

A light curtain without strong gathering is well suited so that the round arch is particularly effective. A curtain rod should only be used if there is enough space above the arch. If the rod would hang in front of the arch, narrow aluminum rails on the ceiling are better suited to hang up the curtains.

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Light and airy - curtains

The curtains themselves should be as airy as possible. Light, unobtrusive fabrics are preferred. Large patterns are also annoying; a plain-colored voile in a very delicate color scheme, which allows the beautiful window shape to see through, is better.

Split window

If you don't need a curtain in the upper area, you can also split the window. To do this, attach a thin stainless steel rod at the height where your arch begins. In this way, the incidence of light is completely preserved at the top and you can protect yourself from prying eyes in the lower area.

Pleated and fan-shaped pleated

Pleated blinds are ideal for the round window. The rectangular pleated blinds must of course not protrude over the arch. Therefore, these normal pleated curtains should only be attached up to the height of the arch. In the upper area you then put a fan pleated blind. Specialist companies carry many sizes exactly matching the conventional pleated blinds.

Tips & Tricks If you shy away from the cost of a fan pleated blind, or if the available models do not suit your taste, you can build a simple fan yourself with the fabric of your choice. You can use either very thin strips or, even better, light rods made of carbon fiber. You connect these at the bottom with a machine screw and nut.

Then sew the fan fabric in the appropriate shape. A tunnel should be sewn into the fabric wherever there are bars. Of course, you can also attach the fabrics to the bars with self-adhesive Velcro tape.