Garden house: simply replace the roof yourself

If the building structure is good, it is worth repairing the roof of the garden shed. This saves you having to go to the building authority and financially it makes sense to lend a hand yourself - with our step-by-step instructions, you can renovate the roof from scratch in no time.

Preparatory work

First, check the condition of the roof. Small leaks can easily be sealed with a suitable material. However, if the entire roof structure is affected, it is time for a renewal.
Before starting the renovation, plan the necessary work:

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  • How is the old roof built?
  • What materials were used?
  • What needs to be renewed? Do you "only" need a new roofing or the roof substructure also needs to be repaired?

Repair roof substructure

The substructure of the roof provides the necessary stability. It ensures that the roof of your garden house can withstand wind and weather and also withstand heavy snow loads.

  • Cover the old roof. Attention: The roof of older garden houses may contain materials containing asbestos. You can remove and dispose of Eternit panels yourself in small quantities, but make sure you have the necessary protection when working.
  • If there are damaged, rotten or dilapidated areas in the roof substructure, replace the relevant parts. Measure carefully, get the necessary material and, if necessary, replace the old, damaged parts with new rafters or planks.
  • Renew the battens if necessary.
  • If necessary, replace the roof lining. OSB board is a popular material for cladding in garden houses.

Re-cover the garden shed roof

You can choose from a variety of materials for the garden shed. However, you should consider the weight: tiles or roof tiles are visually very attractive, but their weight means that they require a very stable substructure. You can cover the roof with welding strips, roofing felt (€ 16.48 at Amazon *) and bitumen shingles or sheet metal in a simpler, faster and cheaper way.

  • Depending on the material, attach the new roofing to the substructure.
  • Attach eaves sheets to the eaves.
  • With a gable roof, attach verge sheets or end boards to the front sides.
  • Cover the ridge with suitable ridge sheets.
  • Don't forget the rain gutter: a well-drained roof is much more durable!