Garden maintenance: With the spiked roller to a beautiful lawn

A lawn needs care so that it grows evenly. Mowing and watering are not enough, sometimes it is not bad if you work the lawn with the spiked roller. This gives him air.

Lawn care

There is practically no earth on which nothing grows at all, at least not in our climatic zones. A lawn on which all sorts of things grow, just a little grass, on the other hand, is quite common. Because even if you have sown a clean lawn in your garden at some point, other plants can nestle there over time. Usually these are clover and dandelion, occasionally poppy seeds, or other plants. If a piece of lawn receives little sun, it also mosses.

To keep all of this from happening, you need to help the lawn. Sufficient light and oxygen are very important. There are two devices that give the lawn a little more air, the scarifier and the spiked roller. The spiked roller is the more effective instrument, but it usually has to be scarified beforehand.

Features and functioning of the spiked roller

The scarifier cuts narrow grooves in the sward. In the process, moss and weeds are torn out with it. The spiked roller, on the other hand, is, as the name suggests, a roller equipped with spikes (depending on the brand, the spiked roller looks a little different). The spines poke small holes up to 10 cm deep into the ground at regular intervals. This allows oxygen to reach the grass roots, but they are not cut up. This process is also called aeration.

You can rent a spiked roller at the hardware store or buy it yourself. The latter is worthwhile for larger lawns. By the way, there is an alternative to the spiked roller, which is only suitable for small gardens: so-called nail shoes or lawn aerator shoes. They work on the same principle as the spiked roller, only the spikes are on overshoes and you walk across the lawn with them.


Scarifying and aeration are processes that have to be done equally. One cannot be replaced by the other. This is particularly important in the case of heavy moss. Because it is not enough to poke holes through the moss, just as it is not enough to remove the moss without adding more air to the grass roots. When scarifying, you should not scratch the ground deeper than 10 mm, otherwise the grass roots can be damaged. Then it is the turn of the spiked roller.

You push the spiked roller evenly over the entire lawn area. It is good (also when scarifying) if the lawn is not completely dry, but a little damp. This is the best way to maintain the garden in spring so that the lawn can recover from the cold and damp in winter, and a second time in autumn to prepare the garden for winter.