Cleaning the gas boiler: You should definitely pay attention to this!

You have a gas boiler in your house? No matter how old the heater is, it must be regularly serviced and cleaned at the same time. This is even required by law and certainly not wrongly. If you don't clean your gas boiler, you will get different types of problems that are quite unpleasant. We show the way to clean heating!

The legal basis

Most homeowners should be familiar with the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) by now. It makes numerous regulations relating to real estate, including heating. Among other things, the law prescribes regular maintenance by competent persons.

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Exactly who these are and how often they should be waited remains a bit in the fog. However, you can also read the operating instructions for your gas boiler, which will certainly contain a lot on this topic.

Normally, gas central heating should be serviced once a year to ensure that it continues to function efficiently. Because that's exactly what it's all about: That the thermal baths don't use more and more gas due to pollution.

You do not want to have your gas boiler cleaned? It follows from this!

Hiring a specialist company for the cleaning and maintenance of the gas boiler costs money. If you shy away from these costs, then unfortunately we have to tell you that you will still pay them - only differently. And there are other disadvantages.

  • The efficiency of your gas boiler will decrease over the years.
  • Consumption increases, heating costs increase.
  • The soiling causes defects.
  • This can result in major consequential damage.
  • You will not receive any information about foreseeable repairs.
  • You can get professional advice every year.
  • They do not comply with the EnEV law.

Can I clean my gas boiler myself?

You can also take care of the cleaning and maintenance work yourself, basically nothing speaks against it. However, you should also acquire the complete know-how for this so that you really do everything right.

In addition, you should sharpen your eyes for previously undetected defects so that you can also take preventive action. However, it is difficult for a layperson to take on the full tasks of a professional.

Tips & Tricks We recommend entering into a maintenance contract with a regional, experienced specialist company. For this you pay a flat rate of around 100 to 200 euros year after year and in most cases also receive a free emergency service.