Used concrete slabs are also free

The widespread use of concrete slabs repeatedly leads to offers, remaining stock, used copies or overboughts for free collection. Some tips on what you should look out for with free concrete slabs and where you can find the offers.

Clarify ownership

Concrete slabs of various sizes, surfaces and state of preservation are repeatedly offered on the Internet and on classifieds pages of the daily newspapers. Often the concrete slabs are stored in the outside area of a site. Unfortunately, there are contemporaries who do not care who the concrete slabs belong to and only strive to clean up the storage location free of charge. At the latest when you pick it up, look for demolished areas, receipts or credible explanations as to why the concrete slabs are being given away.

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Search and find offers

First you should calculate your needs. Since the concrete slabs to be given away are usually given as a package, you should have a list of the areas for which you need slabs. This also helps to combine several offers from different sources, such as exposed aggregate concrete for the driveway and smooth slabs for the garden path. The offers can be found under the general market portals. DHD24, Kalaydo, Ebay Classifieds and quoka.

Take a look at the concrete slabs

If you don't look a given horse in the mouth, it's not a good advisor when it comes to concrete slabs. Have photos of the stones sent to you and, if possible, try to look at the concrete slabs before picking them up. Soiling and porosity can quickly turn the supposed gift into useless ballast, which can be expensive to dispose of.

Selected providers (as of 2013)

Concrete slabs for free
180 concrete slabs of 30 cm each Flensburg
40 used paving slabs 50 x 50 x 5 cm Rhine Main Area
20 sqm of rumpled terraces / pavement slabs Rhein-Sieg district

Organize transport in advance

As a rule, concrete slabs are given away to self-collectors. Think of the enormous weight that comes with even small amounts. Individual concrete slabs measuring fifty by fifty centimeters weigh thirty to sixty kilograms, depending on their thickness. In addition to the vehicle, think about loading and unloading.