Repair the freezer yourself or have it done to you?

Weaker freezing performance or other faults in the freezer may indicate that repairs are necessary. A technician does not always have to be hired. The skilled layperson can carry out light repairs himself. Suitable spare parts are available from specialist dealers.

Repair under warranty or guarantee

The legally guaranteed warranty for a new freezer lasts 24 months. If the device shows malfunctions or defects from the start, they are covered by the warranty. You can complain to the supplier about a defective freezer within six months. After the six months have elapsed, you must prove that the defect was present immediately after purchase.

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The supplier determines warranty periods himself. He specifies the conditions and the period. In most cases, you can purchase a warranty period of several years when purchasing the device for an additional charge.

Do simple repairs yourself

  • Replacing the door seal
  • Replacement of defective handles
  • Insertion of new device feet
  • Change the interior light bulbs

Exclude serious defects

In the event of malfunctions, the cause of which you cannot determine immediately, the elimination procedure helps. You should therefore first check whether the freezer is being operated properly. If it is iced up, it must be defrosted and cleaned. If it does not cool sufficiently, this can also be due to a layer of ice that has become too thick.
If the ice is removed and the error persists, the thermostat may be defective. Check the door seal. If this no longer closes properly, there will also be malfunctions in the freezer.

The specialist helps

If the freezer still has a valid warranty or guarantee, you may not repair a fault on your own. Otherwise you lose the right to warranty and guarantee services. If the warranty and guarantee have already expired and there is a malfunction, it is better to contact a specialist if in doubt. Repairs to electronic components in particular do not belong in the hands of a layperson. Improper repairs can result in total damage to the device.

Tips & Tricks In the event of a warranty claim, the seller must collect the defective freezer from you. Due to its size and weight, the device cannot be easily transported. Therefore, you can request the seller to pick it up.