include coffee filter on the compost?

Belongs a coffee filter on the compost or in the residual waste? We explain how to dispose of your coffee filter professionally and what you can still use the old coffee powder.

A used coffee filter usually consists of wet coffee powder and filter paper. Both are biodegradable and can therefore be disposed of with organic waste. But beware! Not all coffee filters should be put on the compost heap.

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Which coffee filters are allowed on the compost and which are not?

In general, all unbleached coffee filters can be thrown into the organic waste immediately. In the case of bleached filters, you should check whether the filters are environmentally friendly, e.g.B. have been bleached with oxygen, or with chlorine. If the latter is the case, the coffee filters should not end up on the compost. However, for health reasons, you should think about changing the coffee filters and buying unbleached ones.

Are coffee filters beneficial for the compost heap?

Coffee filters are part of the "good" compost waste. They are poor in structure and decompose quickly. In addition, they do not attract rodents or insects - only humans like the tart, bitter taste of coffee. In addition, the coffee residues supply the resulting earth with valuable minerals. So coffee filters are welcome, helpful guests on the compost heap.

Coffee powder: fertilizer, face mask and drain cleaner

You can of course simply throw old coffee powder on the compost together with the filter, but you can also use it for other purposes.B. Due to its potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen content, it is a great fertilizer for your indoor or balcony plants: Dry the coffee powder - otherwise there is a risk of mold! - and put it under the ground. For sensitive plants such as.B. Orchids should only be added a few teaspoons to the soil to see how the plant reacts to them.

Or you can simply pour the powder down the drain after brewing coffee: the particles have an abrasive effect and thus prevent blockages in the pipe.

Coffee not only awakens the mind, it also refreshes the skin and is a perfect exfoliator: Make a face mask from the coffee powder you used from time to time: Mix five teaspoons of coffee powder with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil and brush the whole thing off on your skin. Let it work for thirty minutes - done. Caffeine also tightens the skin!