Formulate salary expectations: This is how you get what you are worth

Many employers would like applicants to state their salary expectations in their cover letter. However, it is not that easy to commit to an amount. You can find out here how you can calculate and formulate your salary expectations!

There is no mention of the salary expected in the job advertisement? Congratulations. It will make your application a lot easier for you. Because then experts recommend waiting until the employer brings up the topic.
If you still want to specify a salary, you run the risk of being sorted out. Because that gives the impression that your job is not about your job, but about your money.

However, if the job advertisement explicitly asks for it, you have to think about what amount is appropriate and how you can formulate the salary expectations.

Leave out the salary expectations in the application? Bad idea

You are thinking about sending your application without an expected salary in the cover letter? You definitely shouldn't do that. Because then you give the recruiter several arguments to sort out your application.
On the one hand, he could conclude that you also disregard instructions in everyday work. On the other hand, you could appear closed and calculating if you don't play with open cards.
The recruiter could also suspect that you didn't read the job advertisement correctly. And now nobody wants careless employees.
As annoying as the question of salary expectations is, take a positive view: If you have to answer it in your application letter, you will be spared it in the interview. There are other tricky questions waiting for you there. About your strengths and weaknesses.
But with our tips you will also find the perfect answer:

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Calculate salary expectations: This is how you determine your market value

What makes the question of salary expectations so difficult is that many applicants do not know their market value. There are various ways to find out.
On salary comparison portals you can check how much other users earn in comparable companies, industries and positions. salary.For example, de is a good place to go. Online job portals also often have corresponding tools. Some professional associations also publish salary tables.
A practical tool is "Value my CV " from the Adzuna job search engine. There you upload your résumé and the algorithm calculates how many euros gross per year would be a reasonable salary for you. The reviews of previous users are mixed up. The tool is supposed to collect incorrect information in some cases. For the first assessment, however, the tool is useful.

Many people in our culture don't like to talk about money. Even so, it is worth trying to carefully check up on friends who work in similar companies. After all, we all have something of it when we speak more open in the future about our salary.
Also insightful in terms of their own market value and your salary presentation are the following factors:

  • How much work experience do I bring with? Which of my skills would benefit the company?
  • Are the salaries at the place of the company above average or rather low?
  • What is currently about the industry?
  • Do you apply in a large corporation (rather higher salaries) or a small business (rather low salaries)?
  • Tries the company to get you? Because then you are in a better negotiation position. Or do you choose from unemployment??

Formulate salary performance: Span instead of fixed amount

You have decided which amount you want to specify as a salary presentation? Then you should give yourself a few more thoughts about how you want to formulate your salary expectations in the application. As a rule, the desired salary is mentioned briefly and concisely at the end of the cover letter.

  • More confident

If you are very sure of your desired salary and want to appear self-confident and determined, you can choose such a formulation:
- My salary expectation is 45.000 euros per year.
- An annual gross salary of 45.I think 000 euros is appropriate.

  • Signaling willingness to negotiate

If you want to show when specifying your desired salary that you are open to a salary negotiation, it can be worthwhile to specify a range instead of a fixed salary or to insert words such as "about ".
- My salary expectation is around 45.000 euros per year.
- My salary expectation is in the range of 45.000 to 50.000 euros per year.

  • With arguments

If you would like to explain in the cover letter on what basis you have calculated your salary expectations, you can embellish the sentence with reasons.
- Given my professional experience in the XY area, my desired salary is around 45.000 euros per year.
- Due to my qualifications, my salary expectation is around 45.000 euros.

Specify salary expectations for part-time jobs

Employers often ask for salary expectations in job advertisements for part-time jobs. Even then, everything described above applies. However, you should adjust your salary to the number of hours you are aiming for. You should then also state this in the cover letter.

  • This is not how you should do it:

- "My salary expectation is around 22.000 euros per year."

  • The following examples are useful:

- "With a working week of 20 hours, my salary expectation is around 22.000 euros per year."
- "At a 50 percent point, my salary expectation is about 22.000 Euro per year."