That works? Open the washing machine door to the right

A washing machine swings to the side to open, like normal doors (at least the washing machine with a round door at the front). But which is better - that the machine opens to the right or to the left?

Normal opening direction

If you look at washing machines, you can see at first glance: most of the doors open to the left. More precisely, this means: The door stop (the hinge) is on the left, the handle on the right. This opening direction seems to have proven itself. However, sometimes there is not much space in the bathroom or laundry room and it is problematic to open the door in that direction (because another door is in the way) or to leave it open after washing.

In this case it would make sense if the door could be opened to the right. This can be done in two ways:

  • Buy a washing machine with a right-hand stop
  • Buy washing machine with change stop

Right-hinged washing machine

If you need a washing machine with a right-hand stop, you should consider this before buying. Because on most machines, the stop cannot easily be changed. The reason for this is as follows: The door is connected to the control electronics, or more precisely: the door has a lock on one side and the hinge on the other. The door lock has contact with the control electronics via a cable and tells the latter when the door is locked. If you were to change the stop to the left, you would also have to move the door lock and electronics to the other side. That will not do.

Washing machine with change stop

Some manufacturers offer washing machines with a changeable stop. In this case, a special solution was found for the locking mechanism and door hinges. When you buy such a machine (the price is slightly higher than a comparable device with a single door hinge) you can be sure that the door will always open in the right direction even after moving. However, a fitter should change the door hinge.