Drying the dishes - is that necessary?

Again and again, not only within the family, the question arises as to whether it is even necessary to dry the dishes after washing them. After all, the clean dishes can dry out all by themselves. Especially when a good draining rack is used, on which the water can run off well, many a washer shy away from this trouble.

Rinse and rinse

Much of the work can be done by rinsing it with clear, cold water. If the dishes can then dry freely in the air in a draining rack at a sufficient distance, it will often no longer be necessary to dry the dishes thoroughly.

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Mixed drying

The ideal solution is actually if you let the dishes drain largely and only dry some parts a little so that the dishes don't sit around in the kitchen for too long. In this way, together with rinsing the dishes with clear water, you prevent a large part of the otherwise resulting water stains.

  • Rinse with cold water without detergent
  • Place loosely in a draining rack
  • Do not dry off until most of the water has drained off
  • Pure cotton tea towels

Germ-free without drying?

It is often pointed out that even with the most meticulous cleanliness and constant change of tea towels, germs are more likely to be present in a tea towel than in clear, clean water. This is absolutely correct and even experts often recommend that the dishes should be left to air dry.

Most important accessories: tea towel

Here too, people argue about which type of tea towel is the best. But if you ask your grandmothers, there is a common opinion everywhere. So it has to be smoothly woven pure cotton. Unfortunately, tea towels only become really good when they have already been washed several times. Shortly before the first holes appear in the older towels, the tea towels are absolutely perfect.

Tips & Tricks You don't have to buy a dishwasher to escape this discussion. Not every dishwasher dries well and the discussion about germs that can develop in the hot air in the dishwasher is only rekindled.