Dishwasher dishes stink after washing

If the dishes that have just come out of the dishwasher stink of heating and / or the machine stinks while it is in use, the heating is usually defective. If the heating effect still works, a repair and thorough cleaning can solve the problem.

A smell can herald functional failure

The smell or stench of the dishes and cutlery coming out of the dishwasher is often difficult to classify. The spectrum ranges from musty and fishy to brackish. As a first step, the dishwashing detergent, including the powder or tablet dosage form, should be replaced.

To rule out other potential sources of smell, the dishwasher should do an empty rinse with baking soda, diluted citric acid or baking soda. The trial use of special dishwasher deodorants is worth trying.

Tips & Tricks If the heater in the dishwasher is defective, the total malfunction can be announced in advance by a smell. Smells of charred or burnt substances are the clearest distinguishing mark.