Painting dishes - creative handicrafts

You can paint old or boring dishes yourself and turn them into real eye-catchers. To do this, you need either porcelain paint and a fine brush or special porcelain pens. There are even very fine little stickers that can be branded later. Here we show you how to paint your own dishes.


It is not absolutely necessary for most manufacturers of paints and pens for porcelain, but if you want to paint almost all of the plates, cups or bowls, you should lightly sand the glaze with very fine sandpaper. So the new color can adhere much better and you also have a very long joy of the beautifully decorated piece of dishes, even with frequent rinsing.

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Step by step harness painting

  • Detergent
  • Porcelain color
  • Porcelain pencils
  • Porcelain bend
  • Tape
  • Carbon paper
  • Old porcelain
  • Alcohol
  • Fine grinding
  • pencil
  • templates
  • scissors
  • Rag

1. Wash off

The porcelain is washed off again with dishwashing and warm water before painting. Then rinse the remnants from the detergent with cold water and dry cups, plates and bowls thoroughly. The dishes must be fat-free and dry before they can paint it.

2. Mark

Draw your design roughly roughly on a piece of paper or use a template. Attach carbon paper to the dishes as smoothly as possible and stick them with adhesive tape. Place the design or stencil on top and trace the lines firmly with the pencil. Then the carbon paper is carefully removed and the drawing appears.

3. Drawing and painting

Now color in the drawing either with a fine brush or with porcelain pencils. Have the rag and alcohol ready. If the drawing doesn't succeed or you paint somewhere next to it, you can now quickly repair the damage with pure alcohol. Then dab the remains of the alcohol with a little water and dry the area before you continue painting.

The whole thing is easier, however, with porcelain stickers that are stuck on and burned in. However, this painting is then not as individual as a self-painted decoration.

4th. Burn

Let your drawing air dry briefly until all areas of the paint are evenly dry. If you were to bake the dishes at this point, the color would be uneven because some places are still wet. The dishes are then baked in the oven at around 170 to 180 degrees for around 30 minutes.

But read the instructions of the respective manufacturer. Some porcelain paint manufacturers want the painted parts to be oven-baked for a full hour.

Tips & Tricks It is better to wash the beautifully designed dishes by hand! Some manufacturers of porcelain paints write on the instructions that the plates and cups can be put in the dishwasher after extensive baking. But the color doesn't last that long there. Wash more gently with a little washing-up liquid and lukewarm water.