Send dishes - this is how it works

Whether it is really precious or just an important memento, if dishes are packed correctly, they will arrive safely at their destination. You can insure the package well, but it would still be a shame if something happened to your good items. Here we show you how to send the dishes so safely that everything arrives safely.

Choose box

At first glance, one would prefer to use a box made from a little softer cardboard. On the contrary, the box should be rather firm and stable. It is also important to match the size of the box to the quantity and size of the dishes.

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If the box is too big, you not only need a lot of packaging material, but the dishes can still move back and forth. This of course means that damage is inevitable. If the box is too small, you cannot put a sufficient amount of protective material between the individual parts and these will collide and be damaged as well.

Helpful materials

  • carton
  • duct tape
  • Styrofoam scraps
  • Packaging chips
  • cardboard
  • newspaper
  • Bubble wrap

Pack pieces

Whether you use paper or bubble wrap, the dishes or glasses must not collide with each other. Hence, it is important that each piece is completely wrapped. Cups, glasses and jugs should also be padded on the inside. To do this, crumple up some newspaper and fill the cavities. This gives the dishes a more stable hold and can withstand a small bump quite well.

Place some cardboard or bubble wrap between the individual parts. When you have piled up the parts in the box on a trial basis, the gaps are filled with chips or cardboard. If you don't have both of these materials at hand, heavily twisted newsprint will do the same.

Tips & Tricks It is better to send dishes in several small boxes than in one large one. The large cardboard box is too heavy and therefore handled roughly by the parcel company. It doesn't matter how many times you write "Caution, fragile " on it. In addition, parcel carriers pack their trolleys in such a way that the large, heavy boxes are at the bottom and pack or simply throw all other parcels on top. This can break the delicate dishes.