Dishes don't get clean - so they shine again

Hardly anyone still likes to wash all the dishes by hand. The time saved by using the dishwasher contributes to the gain in leisure time. But washing up in the dishwasher does not always run as smoothly as the user imagines. Here we are going to show you what to do if the dishes don't get clean.

Clean filters and drains

If dirt and food residues cannot run off the machine quickly, they will be whirled up again and again and distributed over the dishes. At some point the machine starts to dry and the dirt residues are burned onto the dishes.

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It is therefore important to clean the various sieves and filters that are attached to the drain. You should keep this in mind the first time after each wash. Obtain suitable brushes that will also rinse out the fine gauze in the filter systems. Sometimes a toothbrush helps even better than other cleaning brushes for the kitchen area. Later you have experience and probably no longer need all sieves after each wash.

Water drainage

In some apartments, the dirty water only dragging. If you find that your sink does not expire well, you should test and clean the complete procedure. If a short spindle is no longer sufficient to improve the expiration of the water, an installer is needed which rinses the pipe.

Drying of dirt

If the dirt on the dishes is more often dried up, because they need longer until the machine is full, you should use the pretition program. You do not always have to go through this completely. It's enough if the crockery gets wet and then has a moment time to soak.

Tips & Tricks It may not seem logical at first, but the messier you put in the dishwasher, the cleaner your dishes will be. If the dishes are all nicely lined up, the rotating water jet can often only reach certain areas of the respective item.

The remaining area is then shielded from the next plate. However, if you put things in the drawers of the machine in a messy way with different distances and asymmetrical angles, the water will reach all parts of the dishes.