Remove dried red wine stains with increasing intensity

If red wine stains are dried, the removal is no longer as easy as in fresh spots. But there is an extensive selection of methods and means to free both washable and firmly fixed stain carriers from their dried contaminants. The sensitivity of the surface is usually crucial.

"Fresh " try methods first

In principle, each method recommended for cleaning fresh red wine stains is used, even with dried stains a try. The effect of salt or better still slamming chalk can be set in motion by a moistening of existing stains.

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In all cases it is more gentle on the material to postpone the use of bleaching agents by moistening them. Chalk and white wine in particular can produce good cleaning results without stressing the material. Milk, gall soap and lemon juice help soakable textiles such as clothing, tablecloths and pillowcases to finally and completely get rid of the dried red wine stains in the following machine wash. Distributing mineral water on horizontal dirt carriers such as sofas or carpets can achieve astonishing success even with dried red wine stains.

Alcohol, gasoline and bleach

If there are red wine stains on the wall, it is generally dried dirt. The methods used for fresh red wine stains rarely or cannot be used here. In these cases, bleach is almost always required to remove stains.

In the case of old red wine stains in silk and wool, dabbing and working in rubbing alcohol or white spirit in a circular motion from the outside in can help. This is also possible with viscose fibers, whereby attention must be paid to the color fastness of all three materials, as the agents dissolve many dyes.

Enzyme dissolving detergents and cleaning agents

Almost all modern detergents, from washing powder for clothes to washing-up liquid and dishwasher tabs to glass cleaners, have ingredients that break down enzymes. The enzyme cleavage is conducted barrier-free into the soiled fibers by surfactants. This gives almost all cleaning agents and detergents the option of a cleaning effect, even against dried-on red wine stains.

Tips & Tricks Try the "Miracle Means " shaving foam before working with harder or acidic substances. A light moistening and repeating several times can make all other distance attempts superfluous.