Determine the thread with the caliper

To determine the size of an existing thread, two dimensions must be determined. It also depends on the type of thread. In Europe, metric threads are common, in Anglo-Saxon countries inch or inch threads.

Determine thread type

The metric threads have round outside or inside diameters. If you measure numbers with decimal places when determining, it is an inch thread. Standard in Europe are metric threads with dimensional designations such as M18, M20, M25 or M30.

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If an inch or inch thread is determined, this can be converted to the metric system of measurement using a conversion table. One inch is 25.4 millimeters. In addition to the diameter, the so-called thread pitch is the decisive dimension when determining a thread.

Metric or inch / inch

In simple terms, the thread pitch expresses the distance from one thread tip to the next. While the thread pitches are standardized for metric threads, they are used for inch or. Inch threads measured in a different way.

The number of thread crests over the length of one inch, which corresponds to 25.4 centimeters, is measured as the TPI value. In the case of metric threads, any deviations from the standardized standard pitch are indicated with an addition in the dimensions.

The permanently assigned pitch values can simply be added to the diameter of the thread. For example, if a diameter is 38.6 millimeters, 1.5 millimeters of thread pitch is the norm. This adds up to 40.1 millimeters and is rounded to the metric thread size M40.

This so-called nominal value determines the size of the thread. It is important to note that a screw or nut always needs a small deviation from the nominal value. Two to three tenths of a difference allow the play to permit screwing ability.

Tips & Tricks If you have a counterpart, nut or screw, available when determining a thread, select this for measuring. It is much easier to determine precisely.