felting gypsum plaster

Freshly plastered surfaces can be smoothed with the sponge board. Very good results are also achieved with the felt board. Felting has to be learned. Even beginners can only get the right swing with the felt board with practice.

Felt board

The felt board is a trowel with which applied plaster is processed. It is made from wood or plastic. A felt pad stretches across the board. The felt replaces the rubber sponge pad that is common on sponge boards.
Gypsum plaster can be felted when it is damp and dry. It is important to keep the felt board moist during the entire work process. It is also possible to moisten the plaster again and again and then brush it over it with the felt board. How much moisture has to be added is determined during the work. The plasterer needs to get a feel for the amount that makes it easy for him to work. Felting plaster is one of the most demanding jobs of the plasterer.

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Use on small areas

Working with the felt board on gypsum plaster should be limited to smaller areas. Fine cracks easily appear on large areas. The ideal time for felting is reached when the plaster no longer yields when pressed with the finger, but still has residual moisture. Gypsum plaster is in this state after about four hours. It is slightly wetted with water before felting. The felt board is moved over the plaster in even circular movements until the desired structure of the plaster surface is created. If the plaster is worked too intensively and for too long with the felt board, too large amounts of binding agent can get to the surface. This also leads to cracks in the plaster.

Tips & Tricks Felted gypsum plaster is visually a bit rougher than smoothed gypsum plaster. The surface appears slightly grained. This effect occurs in several passes through the felt after the plaster has first been smoothed. Special felt plaster usually contains additions of lime and is therefore particularly easy to felt.