Hang up glasses - important tips

Tall wine glasses in particular do not stand up tightly packed in the showcase or on a shelf. They also tend not to be in a straight line. Then the overall picture often looks a bit messy and crooked. The ideal solution for these problems and at the same time against falling dust is a rail in which the glasses are simply hung.

Hang up instead of stand up

Who doesn't know that, if you want to finally use the good glasses, they are full of dust. You cannot prevent the dust from becoming dusty with a suspension for glasses, but at least the dust is not in the glass. The glasses hang in a hanger ready to hand and yet well sorted. They are now available everywhere in hardware stores or furniture stores for a few euros. However, you can easily build the glass suspension yourself.

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Build it yourself - just hang up glasses

To make a suspension for glasses yourself, all you need is a wooden board that matches the cupboard or shelf. This is cut several times with the jigsaw at a sufficient distance from one side.

The cuts must not go all the way through so that the board still holds its cohesion at the back. Also, the cuts need to be wide enough for the style of the glass to slide through comfortably. Pay attention to the distance between the incisions so that the glass feet do not collide.

Screw on the plate

The plate is then screwed to each corner with a spacer under the shelf or wall cabinet. You can also find the corresponding very nice mounts in every hardware store. But you can also make a multi-level suspension in this way. Then instead of the spacers, appropriate threaded rods (€ 14.50 at Amazon *) or pretty decorative chains are used.

Create space

If you attach the hangers for the glasses on a shelf or under a wall cabinet, you create more space on the shelves or in the cabinets at the same time. So you get a double benefit from your suspension.

Tips & Tricks Take a close look at the do-it-yourself tips for hanging glass beforehand. Many tips recommend using a garden rake as a glass holder. But the feet of the glasses collide if you do not leave every second compartment free. But then only a few glasses fit on the rake.