Decorating the glass with color: a guide

Glasses in the household can be wonderfully decorated with color. With a little skill you can give your glass objects an interesting new look, there are an infinite number of patterns and motifs to choose from. Labeling with paint and brush is also possible. In our instructions, we will explain to you the best way to decorate glass.

Paint freehand or with a template

The first step towards beautifully painted glass is to choose the motif. Those who already have some practice in painting can decorate their object freely. With glass, however, it is particularly easy to use a template for repainting.

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Simply stick your printed or pre-drawn picture with adhesive tape on the back of the glass surface to be painted so that you can see the motif from the front. Recreate the contours with the brush.

A guide to stained glass

  • Glass cleaner
  • Glass colors
  • Coloring page
  • soft, lint-free cloth
  • duct tape
  • fine paint brush

1. Clean the surface before decorating

Before decorating, clean the glass surface thoroughly so that no dust, grease or limescale remains.

2. Optional: stick on the coloring page

Glue your coloring page behind the glass or draw your motif with a thin foil pen. To prevent the template from slipping, simply stuff the hollow glass with a cloth.

3. Decorate the glass with paint

First paint the outlines of your motif, then let the paint dry. Only then do you fill in the outlines. Additional drying times between the processing of differently colored adjacent painted surfaces prevent the colors from running or smearing.

4th. Correct ornamentation

Incorrect brushstrokes and drips can likely be corrected with nail polish remover on a cotton swab. If this is no longer possible, careful scraping with a razor blade or scalpel will help. Be careful not to damage the glass surface!

5. Optional: bake in paint

Some colors, especially the dishwasher-safe variants, have to be fired after they have been applied. This usually works very easily in the oven at around 80 ° C: You can find out more from the instructions for use for your colors.

Tips & Tricks For successful glass decorations, it is worth investing in high-quality brushes, for example made from red sable hair. With proper treatment, such brushes do not fray and do not lose hair.