Fiberglass wallpaper - disadvantages are outweighed

Fiberglass wallpaper can have a few drawbacks. But these are clearly outweighed by the advantages, even if you consider the high price of this wallpaper. Even allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to a new fiberglass wallpaper.

Disadvantages of fiberglass wallpaper

The prices for fiberglass wallpapers are quite high and you should definitely wear gloves and possibly even a face mask when installing them. The fine glass fibers can loosen during processing and cause skin irritation as well as lung problems.

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  • High prices
  • Skin irritation possible during processing
  • Lung problems due to fine glass fibers when disposing of them

Extremely long service life

Normal wallpapers consist at least to a large extent of paper. Fiberglass wallpapers, on the other hand, are drawn from melted glass threads. These glass threads are woven into a hard-wearing fabric during production.

Since the glass does not wear out so easily, even on textured wallpaper, this fiberglass wallpaper can be repainted up to ten times. Nevertheless, the structure remains completely intact.

This and its resistance to moisture enable a fiberglass wallpaper to last for up to 30 years.

Hygienic and anti-allergenic

Since fiberglass wallpapers are waterproof, they can be cleaned more easily and even coarse dirt can be easily removed. The greatest advantage, however, is its anti-allergenic effect, because spores and mold cannot settle on this material.

Goodbye wall cracks with fiberglass wallpaper

This wallpaper is particularly strong and robust. It can therefore also be glued to older walls with small wall cracks. By the way, another not inconsiderable advantage of the fiberglass wallpaper is its fire resistance. Therefore, it is also often used in public spaces.

Summary of the benefits

  • Waterproof and fireproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Spores and mold cannot establish themselves
  • Long durability
  • tensile strenght
  • Often paintable
Tips & Tricks As an allergy sufferer, you should not apply or remove the fiberglass wallpaper yourself, but the positive properties in everyday life are simply indispensable for all allergy sufferers.

House dust can simply be wiped off the wallpaper with a damp cloth and mold cannot even settle on the wallpaper. Incidentally, the fiberglass wallpaper is also much less harmful than conventional wallpaper from an ecological point of view.