Cut the glass bottle lengthways without breaking

In order to cut a glass bottle lengthways in a vertical direction, even more "luck" is required than with horizontal cross-sections. In the longitudinal direction, the controlled and intentional break is much more difficult to achieve successfully. A Dremel with a diamond disc can help to "outsmart" the risk of breakage due to the stress in the material.

Consider reshaping as an alternative

The targeted and precise cutting of a glass bottle lengthways is risky. If a bottle-shaped shelf in the shape of a bowl is to be created, the alternative of deforming by melting can be considered. Lying in an oven, heated glass bottles fall and usually automatically fold into this shape following the force of gravity.

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To cut the bottle in half vertically, a Dremel is most promising for scoring or cutting. In addition to the processing tool, fastening the bottle during the cutting and breaking process is crucial. Even if the scoring or the cut is successful, the bottle halves can break when they are separated.

Establish a safe place to work

Since cooling or temperature contrast is always used when cutting bottle glass, a sink or wash basin is an ideal place to work. A suitable loosely set vice can hold the neck of the bottle. A "flushing sponge tower" can act as a counter bearing.

While cutting with a Dremel (€ 159.99 on Amazon *), running cool water is directed onto the glass bottle to cool the cut. The water should be cool, but not cold. Depending on the processing intensity and the thickness of the bottle wall, a temperature between five and ten degrees Celsius is suitable. If direct severing is intended, the bottle body must be stored in a safe place. To do this, the sink or wash basin can be filled with foam cubes.

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General tips for cutting lengthways

  • The scratch or cut depth before a controlled breaking apart should be at least half the thickness of the glass wall
  • Temperature differences and contrasts during cutting and before completion must be kept as low as possible
  • No mechanical pressure should be applied to the glass bottle while it is being scratched or cut
Tips & Tricks If you want to cut particularly decorative, high-quality or rare glass bottles lengthways, go to the glazier. Specialist companies have special (very expensive) glass band saws with professional cooling technology and break protection devices.