Label or decorate glass bottles by engraving

Glass bottles can be easily engraved yourself with handy engraving devices. The process is similar to drawing and painting, in which a spatial level is added. In addition to engraving pens that can be operated by hand, laser machines are also available that create identical engravings that are precisely supported by application software.

Timeless or event-related motifs

To put it somewhat simply, engraving on glass bottles is all about the targeted and controlled scratching of the smooth surfaces. In addition to narrow cracks that optically form lines, flat ablations are also possible. In contrast to painting or drawing on a two-dimensional surface such as canvas or painting paper, the "depth effect" can also be used.

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The motifs and representations are freely chosen and can require simple to demanding implementation. Since engravings remain permanently on the glass, timeless motifs are particularly popular. An attractive alternative are memorabilia that are created by choosing a motif based on the occasion and time.

Popular and typical timeless motifs are:

  • Make permanent bottle labels yourself
  • Mark the contents of the bottles by labeling them
  • Apply geometric decorative motifs as decorations such as flowers, blossoms, objects or garlands

Popular and typical occasion and time-related motifs are:

  • Attributions on the bottle for personal holidays such as birthdays, anniversaries and other life events
  • Designation of an event with dating as and with memorable value

How to engrave glass bottles

  • Degreasing detergent
  • Engraving heads
  • water
  • Masking tape
  • Engraving device or Dremel (€ 159.99 at Amazon *)
  • Spray bottle
  • Respiratory protection
  • safety goggles
  • working gloves
  • vacuum cleaner

1. Pre-cleaning

Clean the bottle with detergent and remove stickers and labels. These can often be removed more easily by soaking them for a long time.

2. Fixation

Consider a fixation for the glass bottle that will ensure a stable and immobile position during the engraving. You can hold a small glass bottle with your supporting hand. Larger glass bottles should be bedded so that they cannot turn and roll.

3. Starting points

Glue small pieces of masking tape onto the attachment point (s). Place your engravings on corners or line ends of your motif.

4th. engraving

Start at the starting point and start engraving in the direction of the next starting point. Select the type of engraving head you want.

Tips & Tricks By regularly moistening the engraving surface slightly with a water spray bottle, you reduce the flight of fine fragments and cool the glass.