Paint glazed straps, that works?

Glazed brick slips in the plinth area of a house are an ornament for the house. But what to do if they no longer look good or have even lost their splash protection function? We tell you what to do.

What is the function of glazed brick slips?

In northern Germany in particular, entire clinker brick facades are part of the standard cladding of single-family houses. The fired bricks are very robust, keep out wind and weather and are easy to clean. Often, clinker bricks are also used as base cladding to ensure a watertight splash edge.

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Clinker brick facades also offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Especially in the 70s they were very popular in the color red-brown. If you want to give your facade a new look, you should by no means remove this advantageous cladding. The solution: paint over.

What kind of color is needed?

Clinker bricks have the property of transporting moisture from the inside to the outside, but being impervious to the inside. This must also be taken into account when choosing the right color. Do not destroy the properties of the clinker by simply buying any color. The best thing to do is to seek advice from a specialist retailer before painting.

We recommend pure silicate or dispersion silicate paints. The pure silica colors offer a good durability on a mineral base, are ecologically compatible and are diffusion but also expensive. Dispersion silicate paints are a mixture of mineral and resin components and cheaper. Strongly sucking clinker also require a primer.

Which material is used?

  • For damage: joint mortar (38,80 € at Amazon *), joint scraper, jointing
  • Scrubber, Kärcher or Steam Cleaner
  • Promotion (36,80 € at Amazon *)
  • Reinsilicate color or dispersion silicate color
  • Round and flat brush, painterquast, paint roller

So you should proceed

1. Check the clinker façade

Inspect your clinker surface. Scrape loose joints and repair damage.

2. Clink clinker

Clean your clinker area extensively. A high-pressure vapor spotlight is best. Lend this device in the hardware store.

3. Clinker

Apply primer with the brush. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Sometimes the primer shouldn't be allowed to dry completely in order for the paint to adhere better.

4th. Paint clinker

First paint all edges and corners with the brush, entire surfaces are coated with a roller.

Tips & Tricks Not every glazed brick can be painted. Rough and matt clinker bricks are best. Therefore test the absorbency. If the water rolls off, you will unfortunately have to do without a coat of paint.