gofeminine.de: This is what we stand for

It all started in Paris in 1999. Today, 20 years later, is gofeminine.de one of nine sister portals worldwide and one of the market leaders for women portals in German-speaking countries.

A lot has happened during this time. We followed many trends and were always open to new ideas. Yet we have remained true to ourselves in what we do.
Our credo: Women are in the midst of life today, they do excellent work in their jobs and in their families, they actively shape our society.
We want to support precisely these women in their actions, inspire them and help them to lead a happy, enlightened, healthy and independent life.
We want to show life as it is - real, exciting and wonderful. Authenticity, advice and inspiration - that's what we stand for at gofeminin.

We celebrate life and its diversity. For us, uniqueness and humanity count.
With us there are no rough edges because every woman can be who she is.
That's why we offer an extensive mix that interests women.

We are more

gofeminine.de is part of a large international family, a cross-border and cross-topic media network. That is why we think outside the box, think globally and use the knowledge, energy and inspiration from our colleagues around the world in order to use the best of it for our users.

Our quality standards

Our editorial team attaches great importance to high-quality, journalistically impeccable and fact-based content in order to meet the trust our users place in us and to be a reliable partner.
It goes without saying that we uphold journalistic professional ethics. In our daily work we adhere to the generally recognized journalistic principles set up by the press council, the press code.

Independent and objective

The overriding principles are objectivity, respect for human dignity and the truthful information of the public. All information is therefore checked for truthfulness with the necessary care. We make unconfirmed reports and assumptions recognizable.
Should any content on our website not comply with this principle, we will always endeavor to correct it.
gofeminine.de is editorially independent and neutral. Of course we also have to finance ourselves with advertising in order to be able to make our content available to all users free of charge. However, sponsors and advertising partners have no influence on the editorial content. Every type of eCommerce integration or advertisement on our website is identified as such.