Granite tiles: prices for the robust natural stone

Granite is a particularly hard, heavy natural stone. The granite tiles made from this stone are characterized by their particular robustness and an elegant look. The prices are different, they depend on many factors, such as the color of the stone.

Compare prices for granite tiles

The prices for granite tiles are directly related to the processing of the respective product. The inexpensive manual production in low-wage countries lowers the price, especially when the raw material consists of smaller residual rocks.

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Granite tiles industrially cut from large, high quality blocks can be found in the market at higher prices. The price of granite tiles is also determined by market demand, the color of the stone in question, the size of the deposit and the mining conditions.

The lower price limit for granite tiles is around 40 EUR per square meter, the maximum price can easily reach 400 EUR per square meter. Most tiles made from the particularly hard natural stone cost between 45 and 90 EUR per square meter.

Pay attention to the abrasion resistance of the granite tiles you have chosen and the risk of discoloration. Frost resistance also plays a major role in granite tiles for outdoor use: tiles that absorb little water are particularly frost-resistant.

Granite tile supplier: addresses on the Internet

Granite tiles at good prices and in many different designs can be found at the address natural stone Here you can browse and be inspired by the many different stone colors.

The portal wieland too.natural belongs to a supplier that has many granite tiles in its range. The company based in Hessisch-Lichtenau buys directly at the quarry and thus enables wholesale prices.

At the address you will find a granite specialist in Wesseling who not only offers tiles made from high-quality stone. You can also find countertops and kitchen decor here, for example.

Tips & Tricks Granite tiles are naturally relatively expensive, but with a little patience you can save a lot of money: Look out for remaining stock that is offered at a much lower price. When clearing the warehouse, you may be able to get high-quality granite tiles at a bargain price!