Granite tiles remaining stock: this is how you can get cheap granite tiles

Closeouts and bargains can help save a lot of costs. In contrast to ceramic tiles, the remaining stock markets for granite tiles and natural stone in general are not that numerous, and in many cases they are not a permanent fixture either. Read here how you can still get remnants of granite tiles.

There are always remaining stocks in the building materials trade

  • Collections or product series to be discontinued
  • outdated collections from previous years
  • Too many quantities of products that are not in great demand
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all of these things usually turn into residual items. This also applies to the building materials trade. The remaining stock markets for ceramic tiles are best organized, as the collections change frequently here and a large number of products are constantly being redeveloped or redesigned.

For granite tiles - and natural building materials as a whole - this market is much smaller, collections change at most once every few years and even old series usually remain sellable for years afterwards.

That makes it rather difficult to get remnants of granite tiles, but the possibilities still exist. In the classic building materials trade - for example at or at - there are always residual quantities that are then sold at a lower price.

The amount of the price reduction always depends a little on how large the remaining quantity is and how high the probability of sale is. Products that are not in great demand are often significantly reduced in price.

Significantly more remaining stock offers can be found on eBay, however - here you should always keep a close eye on the dealer reviews and always be careful when buying.

So you can save costs

If you know exactly what you want or need, you can easily search either eBay or the remaining stock areas of building material dealers or natural stone dealers. This is sometimes a bit of a hassle, but it can potentially help you save a lot of money.

Tips & Tricks Always compare the prices in general first and see whether you might not be able to find a cheaper alternative right from the start - either a slightly different product or a different material. Sometimes this is more successful than searching for remaining stocks on the Internet.