Build a pit yourself - is that even possible?

Anyone who would like to have a pit in their garage for vehicle inspections will probably come up with the idea of simply building this pit themselves. You can read here whether this is even possible, which requirements must be observed and what else you should think about.

Approval requirement

In any case, you need a building permit to build such a pit. This approval is not easily granted in the private sector - there are numerous conditions to be complied with.

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On the one hand, this is about occupational safety.

  • It must always be possible to enter and exit the pit quickly
  • the lighting must be adapted to the hazards
  • the danger from gases (e.g. CO or petrol vapors) must be adequately countered
  • there must be a cover of the pit

On the other hand, the structural safety must be considered.

  • Sufficient stability of the walls, even against high lateral earth pressure
  • Watertightness
  • correct concrete quality

The protection of the environment must also be taken into account.

  • the soil must be so dense that no dangerous liquids can get into the ground
  • a drain must be planned
  • an oil separator must be installed

All of these specifications already show that planning in accordance with approval is very time-consuming and complicated and must meet many specifications. The construction of the pit is technically not easy either.

Structural requirements

First of all, it is important to find out the right size for the pit. As a rule, the legal requirements require that the pit is long enough that both exits remain free when a vehicle is parked above the pit. The correct height of the pit should also be planned.

Due to the great depth of the pit, the groundwater problem also arises in very many cases during construction. The only solution left here - since an external seal is not possible - is to design a completely watertight concrete. This is a challenge, especially when building a pit.

The wall and floor joint should in any case be slightly above floor level and be sealed with waterstops (high cost), alternatively a swelling or compression hose can be sufficient in many cases. The drain must also be sealed accordingly.

Tips & Tricks In any case, make sure that you build the pit deep enough so that you can work in it while standing upright. This is a little more effort, but bending over in the pit is extremely uncomfortable, so you should keep that in mind.