Do not clean good wine glasses in the dishwasher

In general, when in doubt, wine glasses should always be washed by hand. Unlike professional glass washers in the catering industry, conventional universal dishwashers are often too aggressive towards high-quality glass.

Risk of breakage and corrosion

The glass quality of wine glasses is different. In addition to the fact that the glass itself is too sensitive in many cases, it is important that the wine glasses are safely placed in the washing basket. The towering stems make the stand unstable and the water sprays can easily knock the wine glasses over during the rinsing process.

Wine glasses made of single glass without cut and in drinking glass thickness can be cleaned in the dishwasher. If the goblet of the wine glass is made of thin glass or is cut, you should always refrain from using the dishwasher.

The wine glasses are exposed to glass corrosion, which can turn the glasses milky in the dishwasher. If all glasses become milky, the cause does not have to be the wine glasses, but it can.